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Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

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News 2010

Expenses and Benefits

31 AUGUST 2010

Our Fact Sheet on Expenses and Benefits has been updated in regards to the National Minimum Wage rates - see our Resources page for further details.

Churches Helped - 2010 Update

26 AUGUST 2010

We recently requested updates from previously featured churches - please visit our Churches Helped page to see how the work at Newquay, Ulverston, Little Downham, Halifax and Salem Chapel, Portsmouth is progressing.

Burial Grounds

25 JUNE 2010

Our Fact Sheet on the Upkeep of Burial Grounds has been revised. Please visit our Resources page for more information.

Endowment Funds - Update

15 JUNE 2010

There are some changes to our list of Endowment Funds and how we administer them.  Please see the Ways We Can Help page for further details.

Churches Helped - 2009

10 JUNE 2010

Our Churches Helped page has been updated. Please visit the page to see how we were able to be of assistance to some of our churches in 2009.

Requirements For Church Accounts

1 APRIL 2010

We have updated our Fact Sheet on the Requirements for Church Accounts

Seminar for Church Treasurers - 27th March 2010

Please click here for further details.

Chairman's Report - 2009

Chairman's Report - 2009

Annual Meeting & Thanksgiving Service 2010

Click here for details on our 2010 Annual Meeting & Thanksgiving Service.