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Salem Baptist Chapel

The chapel dates from 1959, and replaced the previous chapel (1813) that was destroyed in the war. On inspection it was found that the whole electrical system, including the lighting, was unsafe. The church also needed to update the fire safety facilities. The suspended ceiling in the chapel was also in poor condition, with it being vulnerable to more damage with any electrical repairs. It was therefore decided to rewire the chapel completely, replace all ceiling tiles, and install proper fire exit signs and emergency lighting.

The church writes:

"We are extremely grateful to the Corporation for their very generous grant towards this critical work, which has been a great encouragement to us. The benefits of the project include the confidence that the building is completely safe and up to standard; that its appearance has been radically enhanced, and we hope much more inviting; and the important fact that reading visibility is of a high standard throughout the chapel. As all the new light fittings are low energy we shall have a drastic reduction in our electricity costs."

Electrical Rewiring in Progress

Salem RewiringSalem Rewiring

Rewiring Job completed

Salem Rewiring CompletedSalem Rewiring Completed