Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

Serving Churches Throughout the United Kingdom

Who we Are

About the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

How it all began

1909 - Established as Strict and Particular Baptist Society

1958 - Incorporation as Strict and Particular Baptist Trust Corporation

1997 - Change of name to Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

From the first meeting in January 1909 at Surrey Chapel, Walworth, with 21 representatives from many different churches there was a real conviction to obey Paul's exhortation to 'Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ' (Galatians 6 v 2). That conviction arose because those men gathered, 'long felt that something practical should be done in the way of assisting our smaller churches.'

Our Articles of Association state that the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation was established for:

"The advancement of the Christian religion, particularly by means of and in accordance with the principles of that part or section of the Baptist Denomination known as the Particular Baptist Churches practising strict communion."

Underlying this rather formal statement is the desire of our forefathers that our group of churches should have somewhere to turn for professional advice and support.

Our Mission Statement shows the ways in which we seek to fulfil that objective today.