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Newquay Before Newquay After

The church had two major problems with their building: firstly, inadequate toilet and kitchen facilities and secondly, insufficient space to accommodate the growing youth work. They contacted us for assistance. We were thrilled to see their vision and asked David Skull to work with the church to overcome the problems. The result was an extension project.

The church writes:

"We praise God that our church side extension is now finished. We would especially like to thank friends of the church who have contributed in prayer and financially towards the project. It seems quite amazing that a cramped, narrow alleyway and outside toilet block could be replaced so cleverly by a two-storey extension that contains a modern kitchen, three WCs (including one for people with disabilities) and a sizeable upstairs Sunday School room.

"The project had its technical challenges and we would like to thank David Skull of the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation for being our patient and able project manager. The Trust kindly provided an interest-free loan to cover the cost of the project. So far, we have raised a third of the money through our building fund, gifts from friends and a £10,000 grant from the Borough Council. We look to the Lord for the remainder, going forward. The Trust is helping with other work to the church. The chapel ceiling was repaired in early 2009 and we hope also to tidy and repair the inside walls."