Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

Serving Churches Throughout the United Kingdom

Ways we can help

If you feel that we can help in any of the following ways please contact us.

Professional Advice

We can offer advice on all of the administrative matters a church might encounter.


Trusteeship can be a minefield for the uninitiated and we are always willing to offer advice, having particular expertise in this regard. We are also able to serve as trustees of chapels and various trust funds and we have a property inspection programme for assisting churches of which the Corporation is a trustee. In addition, we are able to administer trusts set up under wills and other instruments.

Tax-efficient Giving

We are able to help churches maximise their resources through our Gift Aid scheme, which is particularly helpful to churches that may not have in-house expertise or to individuals who wish to give anonymously.

Financial Support

We can offer grants and loans for building work or major renovation projects although the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation is constitutionally obliged to offer financial support only to churches having a Strict and Particular Baptist ethos.

Is your church a Strict and Particular Baptist Church?


We are also able to make grants to members of such churches from the following funds: