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GBTC Annual Accounts - 2019

12 MARCH 2020

Our Annual Accounts for 2019 are available to view here.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Churches' Plan of Action

10 MARCH 2020

The news is full of the latest updates on Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The public are inundated with tips on how to stay safe and avoid contracting the virus. But what should a church do if someone in their congregation is diagnosed with it? We have produced a Fact Sheet with that scenario in mind.

Churches We Have Helped - 2019


We have updated our Churches We Have Helped page with some of the churches we were privileged to practically and financially assist during 2019.

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme - Further Update

16 JANUARY 2020

Our recently produced Fact Sheet on HMRC's Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme has been updated further. Visit our Resources page to view.

Annual Meeting & Thanksgiving Service: 25th April 2020

09 JANUARY 2020

Click here for details of our 2020 Annual Meeting & Thanksgiving Service. This year we will be at Dunstable Baptist Church, Bedfordshire.


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