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Waterside Baptist Church, Kings Langley

Waterside Baptist Church had applied for a grant towards a project to repair the church hall’s flat roof and, at the same time, deal with asbestos corrugated sheets. The Corporation were pleased to contribute to this much needed work.

The church reports:

“The roof of our church hall was built before the dangers of asbestos were considered dangerous, and is made from corrugated asbestos as can be seen in Photo 1.

The asbestos sheets had deteriorated and considered to be a health risk and we were advised that action needed to be taken immediately to avoid forced closure our church building and church hall. The cost of removing the asbestos sheets and installing a completely new roof was prohibitive and would have meant our church would have to close permanently after almost 200 years.

The answer was to install an Asbestos safe overlay roofing system, safely sealing in the old roof, guaranteed for 20 years and we were able to afford this by applying to Grace Baptist Trust Corporation for a grant to pay for part of the cost. We are very thankful that the grant was approved and the work was completed safely and quickly by a local roof specialist.



Photo 2 shows the initial work of inserting an insulation layer and a sealing layer which completely isolated the asbestos, before the final heavy duty roof felt was added.





Photo 3 is the new roof almost complete.”