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Shepherd Drive Baptist Church, Ipswich

Shepherd Drive Baptist Church had applied for a grant towards the costs of the construction of a second hall. The Corporation were excited at the growth of the church and pleased to assist them in this new phase.

The church writes:

“The new hall is incredibly valuable to the church, as prior to this project, although we have a nice modern building, there was only one classroom as a meeting space other than the main hall. Before Covid we were shoehorning over 20 children in there every Sunday morning! Other events such as toddlers and fellowship lunches were also very crowded as they filled the available space. An additional storage area has also freed up more space in the main hall, making services feel a little less cramped. We are so grateful for the Lord's provision - through GBTC and many other sources - that enabled this project to go ahead after many years of planning!”


The New Church Hall - Interior and Exterior