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Pantiles Baptist Church, Tunbridge Wells

The church needed to repair the flat roof of an outbuilding used as a Sunday School classroom. The building was originally a shelter built during the Second World War, the premises having formerly been a school. The Corporation not only awarded a grant but were also able to provide professional in-house advice with regards to the materials used for the repair.

The church’s pastor writes:

“The premises at Pantiles Baptist Church include some interesting buildings from when the site used to be a school. Included in this are two buildings that were built as air-raid shelters... One of these buildings is now used as offices and another one as classrooms. During the pandemic, we discovered there was a problem with the roof of the one which is used for classrooms. This also affected the structure of the building so that the water came in through the roof and walls! We were unsure what to do, but were very thankful to GBTC for providing the funds for us to have the roof expertly sealed and dry again. Now they are able to be used once again.”


Sunday School Classroom                                                    New Roof                                                    Classroom Interior