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Titmuss Avenue Baptist Church, Thamesmead

The church building, constructed in the 1970’s, had begun to show serious deterioration. The roof, in particular, required major repairs and the Corporation assisted with a loan and a grant towards this work.

The pastor writes:

“The main hall roof has always been, in the words of a former pastor 'rather troublesome'. It had deteriorated to such a degree that we could not risk another winter. It would leak at different points depending on the direction of the rain causing extensive secondary damage, not to mention dripping on the congregation! Roofers were either unwilling to do the repair or they refused to offer any guarantee of success. It was made clear to us that the 45-year-old roof lights needed redesigning and the whole roof upgraded. As a church, we are so grateful for the interest-free loan and a grant that was provided to ensure that the work was done.

While the work took longer than anyone anticipated, its benefits are clear to see: We have a warm and dry meeting room at long last; this is greatly appreciated by everyone, especially those who attended our community events or our evangelistic events over the Christmas period. We were able to draw closer together, as a church, as we worked through the problems; it was a joy to see many in the fellowship roll up their sleeves and get involved. We were able to reconnect with our neighbours as they inquired as to what was happening; there were several opportunities to share the gospel through this extensive roof replacement. We are also planning a quiz evening in which we can invite our neighbours as a way of reaching out with the gospel. Thank you for your fellowship in the gospel.”


Before: Stained and Leaky Skylights affecting the church hall
Water damaged areasAerial view of roof with old skylights
Work Commences
Church members lending a hand
After: new skylights; dry & brighter church hall
Aerial view of refurbished roof & new skylightsChurch members enjoying improved space