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Salhouse Baptist Church

The church at Salhouse were awarded a grant towards roof repairs, which involved redesigning part of the roof which had an inadequate shallow slope. In their grant application, the church explained: “Over a couple of years or so, we have noticed a damp patch in the ceiling and upon investigation, we notice water is leaking into the roof through the north-west hip and the timber is rotting. With three of the four sides affected, south, west and north, it makes sense to replace the felt sarking with modern materials on all four sides.

After the work was carried out, the church writes: “As a church, we are most appreciative of the generosity of the Corporation. It has enabled us to continue with all aspects of our usual work and using the facilities of the chapel.”


Makeshift 'leak catcher' Ceiling showing water damage Loose plaster and bulging ceiling
Hip tiles showing crack with ingress of water into ceiling Rotten hip timbers Phased replacment of rotten timbers with new New underlay


Removal of uneven & loose bricks above windows Scaffolding inside chapel Plastering & Painting


Old ceiling removed & new timbers where necessary New ceiling partway through installation Newly painted ceiling and walls


Badly pointed brick before repointing Reconstruction of bricks above windows Snow shortly after completion showing
new insulation successful