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Grace Baptist Trust Corporation

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During an unprecedented year, it was our privilege to point churches towards the Government’s guidance on what they could and couldn’t do in the COVID-19 pandemic. This was provided in the form of emails, letters, phone calls and updates on our website. Here are some of the comments and questions we received from churches:

“I was just about to pen an email to my fellow church officers about what we intend to do. Obviously we are looking at national policy. Any help from GBTC is much appreciated.”

“Thank you for that. I note that it says nothing about baptisms. I was told that these were not allowed … is it a matter of restricting numbers?”

“We have been reading the just issued government guidance on places of worship. Lots to digest…. We want to gather but in a safe, responsible and legal manner.”

“Many thanks for the clarification. It confirms what I thought, but saves a lot of "digging"! The LORD bless His church in these troubled times.”

 “It seems like that live stream is a common approach. We may have to look into it some more.” 

“Thank you and the GBTC for the latest Guidance on Reopening of Churches.  We do really appreciate the guidance and help you give us.”

“Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. There seems to be a wide variety of perceptions and practices and it’s both interesting and helpful to hear what other churches are doing.”

“After the risk assessment, record of visitors for tracing, loo control, hand washing and 19 pages of regulations the ‘venue manager’ will certainly be a busy person!!”

“Thank you again for going the extra mile on this matter. We do respect the Covid-19 regulations … we do the most we can within them.”