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In 2009, the Corporation were pleased to assist the Ark Baptist, Chapel, Dunmow with urgent repairs to the chapel’s gas heaters.

Ten years later, in 2019, the church requested and were awarded a grant for the complete replacement of the heaters.

The church writes:

“The church is very grateful that the grant has covered the cost … In May we were faced with the unexpected expense of needing to replace our main heating system as it no longer conformed to regulations and at 35 years old, was too old to be repaired. We received a grant for the cost from the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation and the work was able to be completed in November. Having heating in the building enables us to carry on with our regular ministry. Whilst our morning congregation is too big for us to meet in the small chapel, it continues to be used for weekly Children’s and young people's groups, Prayer meeting and bible study, Sunday evening services and our monthly Coffee and Conversation events, and is now comfortable again for these events to take place through the winter. Not having to use regular income for the replacement of the heating, means that the church can continue to work towards its desire of employing a pastor full time rather than part time.”


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