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Cuckfield Baptist Church

During 2016, the church applied to the Corporation for a grant towards repointing a substantial part of the chapel. Owing to the Grade II listed status of the building, the work necessitated the use of appropriate materials.

The church writes: “After years of rain, frost and sunshine the pointing (the filler between the stone bricks which keeps the building dry inside) on the Chapel was either missing or in a poor state of repair. With Hall Green being a listed building quotes for the two worst sides were coming in at over £15,000. We did not have sufficient reserves to complete this work. We prayed as a church and an Elder suggested we apply for a grant from the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation. After filling in the simple grant application form, funds were released in September 2016.”

However, the church then had to wait until spring 2017 to commence work, when all possibility of frost – the enemy of repointing – was past. In addition, there were some issues with the local planning department, which meant that the church’s preferred builder was left on standby for months. At long last, though …

“But all in The Lord’s time. We finally got the go ahead in late May 2017 and the work was complete in July 2017. We would like to thank Grace Baptist Trust Corporation for the grant that allowed this essential work to take place and for the advice they have given us over many years.”