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The church property is bordered on one side by a Grade 2 listed brick wall. Originally an orchard boundary, the wall is approximately 5 meters in height and in a poor condition. The maps below show its proximity to the chapel and manse. In the 1913 map, the wall is highlighted yellow. The 1933 map shows the wall as it now surrounds the then new housing development of Orchard Gardens; and the future location of the church buildings (opened June 1951).



The church writes: "The brickwork near the top of the wall is crumbling and a couple of years ago a chip of mortar fell breaking the windscreen of one of our congregation's cars. It could easily have fallen on someone either from the church or visiting the Manse. Repairs to the wall would be extremely expensive as handmade matching bricks and coping stones would need to be used because of the listing and also the work would need to be carried out by a specialist builder approved by the Local Authorities Heritage Officer. As a small church with limited finances we approached our Trustees [GBTC] regarding the problem. Like us, they have been unable to ascertain who owns or has responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the wall, although logic would suggest that it is the responsibility of the adjacent properties in Orchard Gardens. They decided that the best action at this stage would be to erect a chain link fence close to the face of the wall, but not taking support from it, so that if any more debris fell from our side of the wall, it would prevent injury to persons or damage to cars or other property in our car park. The Trustees were able to provide some grant funding and helped us to obtain a grant from another Trust based in the locality. We are very grateful for their advice and help with funding which has been invaluable in our situation."


Before fence installed, showing extent of disintegration

Congregation parking their cars in safety after the erection of the fence