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Old Chapel

New Chapel under construction

Gadebridge Baptist Church was established in the 1950s, with the chapel dating from the early 1960s. Since the turn of the century, it has become increasingly apparent that the church buildings, including the manse, were in need of modernization. In 2014, the church embarked on a major project which would involve demolishing and rebuilding the chapel, hall and manse, and also building new houses on the site. We were pleased to contribute in some way towards the project through a grant.

The pastor writes in early 2015: "Gadebridge Baptist Church has been planning this redevelopment for several years. We are on the brink of opening the new building, which is something we are all looking forward to.  We give thanks to God's grace and faithfulness in providing for the means of a new church building, while continuing to sustain us as a fellowship.

In the past year we have met in a local Primary school and have seen a growth in attendance on Sunday mornings with new people coming. We have continued to be able to minister in the local community using other buildings, like our toddler group being run in a youth centre, and our Christmas carol service was held in a community centre. Bible studies continue in homes and there is continued fellowship amongst the church.  

We look forward to the new opportunities that we will have by being in our own building, whilst taking the things we have learned this year of being without a building. We praise and thank God and look forward to serving Him as we move forward."  


Demolition of Manse and Chapel

Digger inside old Chapel

Foundations for new houses

Chapel foundations

New manse

Chapel's main frame

Manse & Chapel taking shape

Chapel Interior

Manse nearing completion

 Chapel roof: felted & ready for tiles

New baptistry

Chapel being plastered

New meeting rooms

Completed new houses