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For some years now the church at Haslemere have been working with the Corporation on the best way forward for their chapel. The toilet and kitchen facilities were particularly outdated and inconvenient; the former being situated across a courtyard from the main chapel. A proposed development of the adjacent site spurred the church to pursue an extension project, albeit separate from their neighbour. The project involved an upgrade of the ancillary buildings, and demolishing and rebuilding the vestry, meeting hall, kitchen and toilets. The church now enjoys modern facilities and a new meeting hall, all constructed in the aforementioned courtyard

Work in progress

The pastor writes:

“I wanted to let you know we have the keys back ...The back hall, kitchen, toilets and vestry look stunning.  The people that have seen it have been close to tears at the transformation...we can comfortably meet in the new hall with all the new facilities we now have.  We are extremely thankful to the Lord for his abundant provision and blessing towards us... thank you for all you have done in this project getting us to where we are today.  I am quite certain without your advice, guidance and financial support from GBTC we would still be with the old facilities - so thank you and the committee of Grace Baptist Trust Corporation.”

New Hall New Kitchen being fitted out