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The church writes:

"Some time ago we noticed cracks appearing in the stonework of the chapel porch. Although the cracks were thought by some people to be caused by settlement, that was unlikely because they were high up and did not extend to ground level. We contacted the stonemasons who had previously done work for us and they said the problem was caused by the rusting of the iron cramps built into the joints when the porch was built over 100 years ago. This made sense to us and so we instructed them to do the necessary repairs.

"The cracked and defective stonework was cut out and the iron cramps replaced with stainless steel ones. New stonework was pieced in and dressed to match the existing stonework and pilasters. The boundary walls and copings were also in need of repair and so this work was carried out at the same time. We are very grateful to the Corporation for making this work possible by means of a grant."