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At the request of the chapel trustees in 2004, Grace Baptist Church Stockport accepted the oversight of the work in Charlesworth, which was then at a very low ebb, and Martin Grubb, supported by his wife, Eve, was set aside to engage in evangelistic work with a view to an independent church being established. He writes:

"The work has now grown to the point where Sunday congregations number approximately 18. A variety of outreach is done, ranging from regular leafleting of about 1500 households, door-to-door visitation, summer BBQs, carol-singing over Christmas, school assemblies, and men's breakfasts. Many people have been contacted and have had some exposure to the good news of Jesus Christ. Some have taken it very seriously with regular attendance at the services and long discussions about spiritual things."

In 2006 it was recognised that the chapel itself was in a poor structural condition and would be a hindrance to the work progressing. We therefore commissioned a survey under our property inspection programme and following this agreed to finance the necessary renovation work. To date we have been able to attend to electrical work, roof and masonry repairs, replacement of the windows and gutters, and loft insulation. The chapel has been markedly warmer for regular worshippers this winter and we hope that the more attractive appearance may be noticed by passers-by. We look forward to seeing the premises being used effectively in the Lord's service in the years ahead.

2008 update: Martin Grubb writes:

"We are very small, with big opportunities and some great resources. May God enable us to take the opportunities, use everything including the building, and to see harvest-home. How many more years will it be?"