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The Lord has greatly blessed the work at Caterham Baptist Church in recent years, not only with increased numbers and additions to the church membership but also in a desire to reach out further into the local community. The 'Christianity Explored' Course has been run on a fairly regular basis and a number of those who have attended have gone on to profess faith in Christ and join the church.

It became evident that the church needed to maximise its present location, in particular to update the kitchen and toilet facilities including disabled access to all areas of the building, and to include an additional hall.

The church writes:

"Such a project, undertaken in a spirit of prayer that God would provide for our financial needs, was obviously going to be costly. We held regular Sunday evening prayer meetings specifically for the building work, and church members and others contributed to the Building Fund as they were able. We are very thankful to the Grace Baptist Trust Corporation for further funding by way of a generous grant and loan.

"The church now has space for its three `'Friday Clubs' with about 85 children and teens, and for five Sunday School classes. A lively Mother & Toddler Group, so large that it now runs over two days, can overflow into an adjacent hall and make use of baby-changing facilities. Disabled visitors can have easy access into the building and to toilet facilities. The new kitchen facilities are a vast improvement on what was there before and there is also an improved entrance into the building, designed so that visitors and passers-by can see in, and, to a certain extent, see what goes on inside!"